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Welcome to 1st Gear Driver Training

driving lessons in Adelaide

Learn to drive in a modern 5 Star Safety rated, dual controlled, automatic car, with an instructor who understands that learning new skills takes time, and who is patient and professional.

You can choose to learn by either CBT&A ( competency based training and assessing) which is the logbook sign off method or the V.O.R.T test, ( vehicle on road test ).


The CBT&A course is preferred by many new drivers as it is very comprehensive and works at your pace, or you can prepare to pass a V.O.R.T (Vehicle on road test) in this case I can help you become accustom to driving to the government standard, which is required to successfully pass. If you looking for just the V.O.R.T test, check our links to the PDTASA to help you choose a good V.O.R.T assessor. 

As everybody is different, I will plan your lessons to suit your experience level so that you won’t have to feel stressed and under pressure. As an instructor, I aim to make the lessons focused yet enjoyable to help you improve your skills quickly and yet thoroughly. It is my goal to prepare you for all the challenges you will face on the roads by looking past simply “getting your licence” and, instead, focus on what happens in the following 12 months to ensure you become an experienced driver as safely as possible.

1st Gear Driver Training is mainly focused on the serving the more Southern suburbs and coastal areas.



Our Driving Classes area:


If you are in an area not mentioned here, please call and ask.

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